Your Business

with blockchain technology
by adopting BlockPlus's pay-as-you-go SaaS APIs.

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SaaS Solution

The well-designed API
and unparalleled features can help you integrate blockchain technology with your business to create the best products for users.


Just like the Internet needs to digitize information in order to share data with everyone in the world, blockchain needs to tokenize assets in order to trade with everyone in the world. By adopting the BlockPlus service, you can easily deploy smart contracts to convert your assets into tradable tokens or NFT collectibles.


We use email address to represent us anonymously communicate with others on Internet. We need a crypto wallet address to represent us anonymously exchange assets with others on Blockchain. By adopting BlockPlus's service, you can easily transform member's information into a wallet to hold and exchange assets deployed by you.


Whether it's creating loyalty programs, vouchers for retail stores, rewards for e-commerce stores, or authentic cards for luxury goods. You can instantly build your services for your customers with BlockPlus's scenario-based applications.

Mint your token
Increase revenue

Whether you’re looking to reward members for their purchasing, give free vouchers or coupons to new customers, set up gift certificates for marketplace, or simply sell tickets, do it all with a fully integrated, global platform that can support online and in-person transactions.

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Help your users
Spend your tokens

Enable each of your user with a secured wallet without worry about private key protection nor gas fee tipping on the blockchain fit your business.

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Wallet Support


Chains Support


ERC Token Support

Applicable to
Any printed materials

Any scenario to use printed paper as a cetification can be replaced by blockchain technology, and can enjoy the three major benefits of inability to forge , Traceable source, permanent operation!


Ticket、Gift 、Meal


COA、Warranty 、License


Age、Diploma 、Badge

Clear Pricing Model

$99 you can create a standard ERC20 token.
1 ether for you to create a NFT collection.
1 cent per month for each wallet hosted in our services.

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