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BayPay’s certificate API is focused on enabling retailers to provide more reliable information to customers, who – particularly for some product categories – increasingly base their purchase decisions on product content, origins, purity and authenticity. and unmatched functionality help you gain early-mover advantage to more effectively collaborate and enhance trust across the value chain. Currently, counterfeit or contaminated products exact a huge toll in the form of lost sales and brand damage, caused in part by the difficulty consumers have in differentiating fakes from the real thing. Consider the following roles blockchain can play in verifying product authenticity.


Whether it's for luxury goods, limit edition items or fine art masterpieces. The COA (certificate of authenticity) release on the blockchain can helps the discerning customers to proof that their collectablte items are conflictfree.


A warranty card is a trivial piece of paper that you won't keep it in your safety box. But when you go to the service center to claim a free fix or replacement, it's crucial to have the warranty card in hand. When it happens you usually can not find it!


An ID card to present your status like membership card, student ID card, age certificate, badge, diploma or passport can all be benefit from leveraging blockchain technology. BayPay provides low cost solution for your build an anti-counterfeit, immutable ID system.

Pressure from

who steal sales (and undermine the legitimacy of luxury brands) by flooding the market with fakes that appear virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.
Using BayPay's authenticity APIs, retailers can provide customers with indisputable proof of the provenance and authenticity of their products at every step in the supply chain.

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Reinforcing the
value of

Premium products

Providing this information to customers will improve trust and increase product margins. The same benefits would apply to consumers looking for clothing, electronics or other products whose origins they care about, such as whether they were made in certified factories with proper safety protocols and humane treatment of employees.

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Ensuring the immutability of your warranty

Put your warranty cards on the blockchain, ensuring the immutability of your promise.There is no need to integrate the warranty services with your line of business, just like the print version of the warranty cards. Retailers can provide e-commerce platforms and customers with indisputable proof of the provenance and warranty of their products.

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is covered in your warranty


channel sold the product


will the warranty expired

Who am I

An anti-forgery ID card to present a person's status like membership card, student ID card, age certificate, badge, diploma or passport.Just like the CA/ssl can verify if the website is real or not. BayPay certificate services can help to verify user's identity and current status.

You can easily attached the benefits to the certificate owners. Every Stanford students graduated at 2020 get a free iPhone 12? Just send the gift vouchers to the certificate owners' wallets.

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Reasonable Pricing Model

$99 you can mint a standard ERC20 token.
5 cents for each transaction occured in your wallets.
2% for each token cash out.

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