Loyalty Program

on the blockchain with
baypay's pay-as-you-go rewards APIs.

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Gamification Made Easy

No IT resources needed!
As a marketer you can create tasks and levels as challenges to your customers, give your reward points to them as incentives and provide perks for them with your loyalty program.

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You can give points to users who sign up your services. They can use your points to try on your services or in exchange other perks you provide.


Every purchase your customers made can earn more points. You can make your points liquid on the market by allowing any shop to join your program and cash out your points with promised fix rate.


You can also give your points to the people who refer other people to buy or sign up your services. They can enjoy the rewards not only the first time but also the following purchases from their referals.

Make your points
as cashable vouchers

Just promised each point you will buy back it with certain anount of money.
For example, you want to give 10 dollars to the people who fill out your survey form. Instead of sending the real cash to your customers, you can create your reward point with 10 to 1 dollar ratio and send 100 points to your customers. Thanks to the trust mechanism inherit from blockchain technology, every shops can accept your points in exchange with their products or services without signing contracts with you. BayPay will helps you to cashout your points and deposit cash to their bank account.

Make yours now!

Ready to use Indepandent Framework

As easy as using a punch card to collect your reward stamps. Without the need to integrate with your system.

Make yours now!




Just set the rule


With in 3 days

Cash Out Everywhere

Shops can start to accept your points as a payment tool, then BayPay will help the shops to cash out your points and deposit the cash to their bank accounts.




Market place、Restaurant



Reasonable Pricing Model

$99 one-time fee for you to create your reward points.
$99/100 users/per month
for your customers using your points.
2% for each point cash out.
No extra fee.

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